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Catholics Protesting Satanists

April 4, 2016


Oh. My. Godless. I have found this amazingly cringey page only thanks to an ad I came across while writing up that last post about Norway. It seems Catholics are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of Satanist invocations and are attempting to stop a particular instance scheduled to occur in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the link above, they encourage everyone to send the following “protest message” to the Mayor Jim Lane and the city council:

Honorable Jim Lane and City Council members:

Do not let Scottsdale become the first governmental office in America to directly invoke Satan before a meeting.

I believe that to open your good city to the infernal influence of Satan by allowing two Satanists to officially invoke Satan is the height of misguided leadership.

Satan is real. It is a lie to believe he is merely a benign symbol of a revolted entity, as these Satanists propagandize.

We ask you to send a clear message: “God always! Satan, never!”

May God bless Scottsdale and America!

Obviously whoever wrote that up has no concept of how the separation of church and state works in the US. But then neither do the government officials who cause these problems. Other news sources quote the mayor and council members promising to find a way to legally deny the Satanists their rights. What a disgusting thing for someone to say, and again I will hope: Bring on the future secular voters!

I just want to throw my full support in behind the members of the Satanic Temple and their right to give their particular religious invocation in this situation. So long as invocations are being performed before meetings, the government absolutely must respect the request of any member of the community to deliver it. Sadly, I think it’s more likely to all end in a lawsuit.


For First Time in History, Atheists Outnumber Christians in Norway

April 1, 2016

Source: For First Time in History, Atheists Outnumber Christians in Norway

Just wanted to throw out a congratulations to the Norwegians! From the article, 39% identify as atheist, 23% say they “don’t know”, and 37% identify as Christian. This is even in spite of the fact that the government in Norway still funds religious organizations based on their membership numbers.

One reason I’m linking to this article on a Catholic site is that there’s much in the comments section to evaluate. Most seem to think that this is all the result of watering down religion and one even quipped that this is evidence that “protestantism leads to atheism!” I had a pretty good chuckle at that one. So judging by the comments section, most people are suggesting that being more strict and more regressive is what will keep people religious. I doubt that many inroads will be made with the Norwegian people using that strategy.

The article also talks a lot about the similar trends in all of the EU nations, and one of my favorite instances: A researcher in 2012 who couldn’t find a single person in Eastern Germany below 28 years old who believed in god. Makes me feel like there’s still some hope for the future of this planet.

I’m really looking forward to watching the progress of these same trends in the US as well. As the younger generations are beginning to take over as the largest demographic here, I’m just waiting for the year when there’s finally a huge push to root religion out of government and public proceedings. Seeing as it’s an election year, this would be a great time to start.

One Man Died to Save Others

March 27, 2016

img_20160322_123433One thing I just had to point out before Easter is done! In the capitol of my home state, Wisconsin, they have essentially an open forum and allow anyone (with some minor paperwork) to put up a display in the capitol building. Religious groups have been putting up displays around various holidays for many years. But a few years ago the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics of UW Madison began submitting their own displays.

This year, we’re being treated to a display promoting Jedism. All I can say is that it’s about time! Too long have Star Wars geeks been lacking proper representation in Wisconsin!

In seriousness though, I’m happy to see these “protest” displays every time they come up and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the kids over in Madison come up with next. Even if adding their crazy displays doesn’t get the policies in the capitol changed, as is the AHA’s actual goal, it does at least make all of the displays a lot less serious.

About that Easter Story…

March 27, 2016

Hope everyone is having a good easter today! I’m spending the day eating candy and chocolate with family, so no complaints here.

However, just in case the discussion may veer into the religious lane, I’ll be brushing up on the biblical easter story (and it’s many inconsistencies) courtesy of Matt Barsotti:


Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

Happy Easter!

Another Year of Life and Politics

March 26, 2016

Wow, what are the odds that I decide to toss up another post here almost exactly a year after the last one? Probably not terrible actually, but I’m no good with statistics so I’ll let it drop. I often wish there were more like 36 hours in a day, just because there’s so much I always want to do. Too many different interests and not enough time, so there’s always something I have to leave by the wayside to pursue another interest. This blog has been one of them of course, but sometimes (annually it seems) I get the feeling that I need to write more on topics that fit best here.

Personally, things are going well for me. Pretty happy with life and stuff, at least everywhere outside of work. My job is… well fine. It’s a good job even. But it’s far from interesting or inspiring and if there were another way to reliably make as good a living I’d probably jump at the chance. I guess that’s nothing unique, it’s too easy to get stuck in a rut and then clutch at security. Aaand let’s not go down that rabbit hole…

As for the world around me, well here in the US things are going to shit a little bit aren’t they. I mean Donald f-ing Trump? To top it off his only real remaining contender on the Republican side is “Crazy Christian” Ted Cruz. To think that one of those guys (probably Trump, right?) is going to be actually running for President and I’ll have to see him all over the place for the next six months is almost sickening.

On the Democratic side things are slightly better with “I’m a Democrat in election years” Hillary Clinton, but I honestly doubt if she’s going to really follow through with any of the progressive policies that she’s adopted in the last few months.

Yep that just leaves one (long-shot) candidate for me, so might as well make it official. We here at Arguably Atheist officially endorse “Said the same thing for 30 years” Bernie Sanders for president. For whatever that’s worth. Now I won’t ramble on, because there’s a ton of easy to find information about Bernie available online, but I like and support Bernie for a few simple reasons: He’s consistent, kind, and truthful. And he’s been fighting for better lives for all people his entire career.

Thank you all for reading! While I will inevitably touch back on politics and the presidential race from time to time, I want to get more articles up covering religious topics once again.

It’s All God’s Fault

March 28, 2015

Ok Yahweh, I’m tired of you trying to weasel out of things. Quit acting like a child and come down here and own up to what you did! Actually though, I’ve never heard Yahweh deny anything, it’s all his friends who seem really adamant that it’s just not his fault.

What I am of course referring to, is everything: Good, evil, joy, sadness, pleasure, pain, and even “sin.” There’s no more getting around blame for evil and suffering with the whole “fallen world” you guys. If someone builds a machine that they know is going to break and hurt people, they are absolutely liable for any hurt and damage it causes.

But we aren’t talking a case of negligence here, which would be bad enough. This is straight up malice. Since Yahweh is allegedly omniscient, what we have is him creating everything in a way which he 100% knew for certain would cause pain and suffering. You can try to soften the idea by focusing on all the good that exists instead, but the fact that our hypothetical machine gives out free cake would in no way make up for the fact that 1 in 100 people lose a hand to it. The Creator of the machine would still be held liable for the injuries.

So no more passes on the problem of evil. It’s not a question: Any claimed creator god is evil.

The Charlie Hebdo Attack and Islam

January 7, 2015

This is bound to be the popular topic of the day, but I want to quickly get my thoughts down.

BBC News – Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12.

Earlier today, 12 people were mercilessly gunned down in Paris for nothing more than an opinion. Perhaps not all those killed were even in agreement with that opinion, but they were gunned down in a blaze of religious furor the same. Included among the dead are two french police officers who tried to stop the armed men after their killing spree.

There will no doubt be many who try to distance Islam from these murderers. I’ve heard it said often enough that Islam is a peaceful religion. But without Islam would these 12 people be dead? Maybe the gunmen are crazies and would have gone off and killed anyway, but if they weren’t muslim there’s no motivation to attack Charlie Hedbo. Without the influence of Islam, would this particular attack against these specific people have happened?

There’s just no way Islam comes out of this without a share of the blame.

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