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The Charlie Hebdo Attack and Islam

January 7, 2015

This is bound to be the popular topic of the day, but I want to quickly get my thoughts down.

BBC News – Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12.

Earlier today, 12 people were mercilessly gunned down in Paris for nothing more than an opinion. Perhaps not all those killed were even in agreement with that opinion, but they were gunned down in a blaze of religious furor the same. Included among the dead are two french police officers who tried to stop the armed men after their killing spree.

There will no doubt be many who try to distance Islam from these murderers. I’ve heard it said often enough that Islam is a peaceful religion. But without Islam would these 12 people be dead? Maybe the gunmen are crazies and would have gone off and killed anyway, but if they weren’t muslim there’s no motivation to attack Charlie Hedbo. Without the influence of Islam, would this particular attack against these specific people have happened?

There’s just no way Islam comes out of this without a share of the blame.


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