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Another Year of Life and Politics

March 26, 2016

Wow, what are the odds that I decide to toss up another post here almost exactly a year after the last one? Probably not terrible actually, but I’m no good with statistics so I’ll let it drop. I often wish there were more like 36 hours in a day, just because there’s so much I always want to do. Too many different interests and not enough time, so there’s always something I have to leave by the wayside to pursue another interest. This blog has been one of them of course, but sometimes (annually it seems) I get the feeling that I need to write more on topics that fit best here.

Personally, things are going well for me. Pretty happy with life and stuff, at least everywhere outside of work. My job is… well fine. It’s a good job even. But it’s far from interesting or inspiring and if there were another way to reliably make as good a living I’d probably jump at the chance. I guess that’s nothing unique, it’s too easy to get stuck in a rut and then clutch at security. Aaand let’s not go down that rabbit hole…

As for the world around me, well here in the US things are going to shit a little bit aren’t they. I mean Donald f-ing Trump? To top it off his only real remaining contender on the Republican side is “Crazy Christian” Ted Cruz. To think that one of those guys (probably Trump, right?) is going to be actually running for President and I’ll have to see him all over the place for the next six months is almost sickening.

On the Democratic side things are slightly better with “I’m a Democrat in election years” Hillary Clinton, but I honestly doubt if she’s going to really follow through with any of the progressive policies that she’s adopted in the last few months.

Yep that just leaves one (long-shot) candidate for me, so might as well make it official. We here at Arguably Atheist officially endorse “Said the same thing for 30 years” Bernie Sanders for president. For whatever that’s worth. Now I won’t ramble on, because there’s a ton of easy to find information about Bernie available online, but I like and support Bernie for a few simple reasons: He’s consistent, kind, and truthful. And he’s been fighting for better lives for all people his entire career.

Thank you all for reading! While I will inevitably touch back on politics and the presidential race from time to time, I want to get more articles up covering religious topics once again.


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