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For First Time in History, Atheists Outnumber Christians in Norway

April 1, 2016

Source: For First Time in History, Atheists Outnumber Christians in Norway

Just wanted to throw out a congratulations to the Norwegians! From the article, 39% identify as atheist, 23% say they “don’t know”, and 37% identify as Christian. This is even in spite of the fact that the government in Norway still funds religious organizations based on their membership numbers.

One reason I’m linking to this article on a Catholic site is that there’s much in the comments section to evaluate. Most seem to think that this is all the result of watering down religion and one even quipped that this is evidence that “protestantism leads to atheism!” I had a pretty good chuckle at that one. So judging by the comments section, most people are suggesting that being more strict and more regressive is what will keep people religious. I doubt that many inroads will be made with the Norwegian people using that strategy.

The article also talks a lot about the similar trends in all of the EU nations, and one of my favorite instances: A researcher in 2012 who couldn’t find a single person in Eastern Germany below 28 years old who believed in god. Makes me feel like there’s still some hope for the future of this planet.

I’m really looking forward to watching the progress of these same trends in the US as well. As the younger generations are beginning to take over as the largest demographic here, I’m just waiting for the year when there’s finally a huge push to root religion out of government and public proceedings. Seeing as it’s an election year, this would be a great time to start.


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