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Catholics Protesting Satanists

April 4, 2016


Oh. My. Godless. I have found this amazingly cringey page only thanks to an ad I came across while writing up that last post about Norway. It seems Catholics are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of Satanist invocations and are attempting to stop a particular instance scheduled to occur in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the link above, they encourage everyone to send the following “protest message” to the Mayor Jim Lane and the city council:

Honorable Jim Lane and City Council members:

Do not let Scottsdale become the first governmental office in America to directly invoke Satan before a meeting.

I believe that to open your good city to the infernal influence of Satan by allowing two Satanists to officially invoke Satan is the height of misguided leadership.

Satan is real. It is a lie to believe he is merely a benign symbol of a revolted entity, as these Satanists propagandize.

We ask you to send a clear message: “God always! Satan, never!”

May God bless Scottsdale and America!

Obviously whoever wrote that up has no concept of how the separation of church and state works in the US. But then neither do the government officials who cause these problems. Other news sources quote the mayor and council members promising to find a way to legally deny the Satanists their rights. What a disgusting thing for someone to say, and again I will hope: Bring on the future secular voters!

I just want to throw my full support in behind the members of the Satanic Temple and their right to give their particular religious invocation in this situation. So long as invocations are being performed before meetings, the government absolutely must respect the request of any member of the community to deliver it. Sadly, I think it’s more likely to all end in a lawsuit.


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